Gearing up for our 10th show, Prayaas 2018!

Come 15th December, we will be back with our 10th annual show at Kamani Auditorium. This is an important milestone, as we complete a decade of learning, choreographing and performing. It has been a phase of experimentation and immense gratification.

Over these years, we have been blessed with the teachings and inspiring presentations of many great gurus, including Padma Vibhushan Pandit Birju Maharajji, Shashwati didi, Pt Deepak Maharaj ji, Mamta Maharaj ji, Pt Vikram Ghosh ji, Smt Roshan Datyeji, Smt Shikha Khare ji, Smt Rani Khanumji, Shri Ramakant Gaikwadji, Pt Sarathi Chatterjee ji, and many many more.

As we move into our final phase of rehearsals, we would like to thank them all and seek their blessings once more to help us channelize our best into our show.

Join us on the 15th December at Kamani Auditorium, Mandi House, New Delhi

We are still accepting contributions to our crowdfunding campaign!

Dazzling Bhopal with kathak

Guru Jayashree Acharya was honoured with an invitation to perform at the Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum recently. The event,’Uttaradhikar’ was organised by the Sanskriti Sanchanalay on 23rd October, 2016. Jayashreeji, along with fellow kathak exponent Barun Banerjee and her students, regaled the audience with stellar performances which received wide press coverage.  Some images and media reports:

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Dainik Jagran covers Rasik baithak, 16 Apr2016

Rasik performing Arts organised a baithak on 16 April 2016, where students of Jayashree Acharyaji performed. Her senior student Mahika Zutshi presented her first solo, usually known as a manch pravesh in kathak tradition, showcasing her technical prowess. Guest artist Ritesh Sharma from the Raigarh gharana of kathak offered new insights into the history and development of the classical art form and vowed the audiences with his abhinaya and lyrical compositions.

Read the media coverage of the baithak here.