About us

Rasik Performing Arts is a not-for-profit trust that works towards the preservation and promotion of classical Indian art and culture. Blessed by the famous kathak exponent and guru Pandit Birju Maharajji, Rasik was conceptualised by founders Jayashree Acharya and Shiv Shankar Ray two decades ago when they were teaching Indian classical arts in the UK. While in London, they organised an array of meaningful interactions with youth, mentally challenged patients and healthcare providers under the Rasik banner and this experience created the momentum for a broader artistic engagement with society.

Since 2004, Rasik Performing Arts has been involved in deepening the engagement of audiences and students with Indian classical arts in the Delhi National Capital Region. Jayashree Acharya’s kathak classes in Gurgaon have spawned a generation of young artists and performers. While numerous workshops have connect young learners with a network of established artists, a series of baithaks have brought the arts closer to many interested rasiks.

About Jayashree Acharya

Introduced to formal training in kathak by Shri Sant Gopal Mishra in Ayodha, Jayashree Acharya received her further training in Kathak Kendra in Delhi under Guru Smt Reba Vidyarthi and then Pt Birju Maharaj. Jayashreeji’s association with Maharajji has been a guiding light in her teaching and performing career. She worked under Maharajji for many years, observing his choreographic style and she carries forward his legacy in her interaction with her students today.

Since 2004, Jayashree Acharya has been teaching young dancers in Gurgaon. Her teaching philosophy is deeply embedded in the age-old traditions of guru shishya parampara and her focus is to keep these alive in these modern times. The extension of kathak into myriad other art forms, including music and poetry is another distinguishing feature of Jayashree Acharya’s training, seen clearly in her selection of distinguished musicians to accompany student performances.