Blessings and smiles: Guru Poornima celebrations at Rasik

19th July 2016

Like every year, Guru Jayashree Acharya organised a guru poornima pooja at the Nirvana Country studio in Gurgaon. Following tradition, students paid obeisance to God and Guru alike and anointed their ghunghroos with teeka and flowers as they prayed for another year of inspiration and learning. It was easy to sense to excitement of the girls, all decked up in their best Indian clothes, and it was touching to see the special efforts they had made to make the occasion special.

Celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Ashadha, this is a day to pay respects and express gratitude to spiritual gurus. The tradition extends to academic teachers and is robustly observed by practitioners of Indian classical arts, including kathak. Lord Buddha is believed to have given his first sermon on this day, at Sarnath, just outside Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.

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