Baithak on 16 April wows audiences, brings kathak within reach

The sweltering heat of a particularly warm mid-April afternoon was no deterrent to the enthusiasm of Guru Jayashree Acharya’s students as they flitted about in excitement. As guests trickled in, senior students worked to get their guru behen Mahika Zutshi ready for her manch pravesh. Someone adjusted her dupatta, another one fixed her maang teeka and ensured the last strands of straying hair went into place.

The evening began with the younger ones, all dressed in pristine white, presenting small pieces, an evocation to the Gods, a short tarana, some technical rhythms. And then, Mahika enchanted the audience with her strong technical skills and a sincere attempt at abhinaya in the popular and beloved thumri, ‘Meri Suno Shyam’. With her guru and guru behen Mahika Nair on padhant, Shiv Shankar Ray on tabla, Pratip Banerjee on vocals and harmonium and Chandrachur Bhattacharya on sitar, Mahika was able to confidently demonstrate the nuances and intricacies of her art form. Her presentation of the complex 14-beat dhamaar was particularly appreciated.

IMG_9073 IMG_9074IMG_9081Our guest artist Ritesh Sharma represents the rarely experiences Raigarh gharana of kathak. He presented unusual lyrical and technical compositions, offering a historic background to the development of the gharana and its unusual emphasis on poetry. Riteshji teaches dance in Bhagalpur and is passionate about reviving the classical arts in small town India, among young girls and boys. Riteshji was accompanied on tabla by Utpal Ghosh, with vocals support from Pratipji, sitar accompaniment by Chandarchurji and padhant by Jayashreeji.

IMG_9076 IMG_9077The evening was graced by none other than Shri Krishna Mohan Mishraji, a renowned kathak artist and guru, who encouraged the young dancers and also their parents to remain patient in the acquisition of knowledge and skills within the classical arts.

IMG_9078 IMG_9080 Rasik Performing Arts is gratified to have successfully brought another evening of kathak to art lovers in Gurgaon in the intimate baithak format that facilitate deeper appreciation and learning of the art form’s history and practice. We are blessed to have the patronage of senior artists and gurus in all our endeavours.

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Photo credits: Anandi Ray, Shruti Dewan

4 thoughts on “Baithak on 16 April wows audiences, brings kathak within reach

  1. This is a beautiful endeavour by the organization and the Guru Smt. Jayashree Acharya.
    I commend the sincere efforts that she makes to bring the art form and the youth and future generations close , to appreciate and carry on the ancient art form of kathak.
    Congratulations to Rasik Performing Arts

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