Jayashree Acharya and students perform ‘Nritya Rang’ in London

In July 2015, Guru Jayashree Acharya and her students were invited to perform at the Nehru Centre in London. Jayashreeji is no stranger to London’s cultural afficionados, having taught at the Bharatiya Vidya bhawan in London for many years. Many who knew her welcomed her re-entry on London’s stage with great joy.

Accomplished and confident, the four young dancers- Mahika Nair, Shubhangini, Anandi Ray and Mahika Zutshi- enthralled the audience with their impeccable tayyari and confidence. Their presentation of items typical of the Lucknow gharana was a visual treat for London’s kathak lovers.

Scroll down for videos of Jayashreeji’s TV interview

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