Gearing up for our 10th show, Prayaas 2018!

Come 15th December, we will be back with our 10th annual show at Kamani Auditorium. This is an important milestone, as we complete a decade of learning, choreographing and performing. It has been a phase of experimentation and immense gratification.

Over these years, we have been blessed with the teachings and inspiring presentations of many great gurus, including Padma Vibhushan Pandit Birju Maharajji, Shashwati didi, Pt Deepak Maharaj ji, Mamta Maharaj ji, Pt Vikram Ghosh ji, Smt Roshan Datyeji, Smt Shikha Khare ji, Smt Rani Khanumji, Shri Ramakant Gaikwadji, Pt Sarathi Chatterjee ji, and many many more.

As we move into our final phase of rehearsals, we would like to thank them all and seek their blessings once more to help us channelize our best into our show.

Join us on the 15th December at Kamani Auditorium, Mandi House, New Delhi

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Baithak with Mamta Maharajji on 1st April 2018

Kathak is a vast ocean. Where our journeys have only just begun. At Rasik Performing Arts we have had the privilege time and again of witnessing magic, and attempting to understand the intricacies of Kathak and our classical performing arts, thanks to our Guruji Jayashree Acharya. In April 2018, we had the fortune of watching Mamta Maharaj Ji perform, in her own inimitable style at our baithak. Rani Khanam Ji, also graced us with her inspiring presence.
Photo credits- Ashwini, Anandi.

Video: Shiv Stuti (Prayas December 2016)

Presenting an energetic piece that depicts the various moods of Lord Shiva, set to mellifluous music in an energetic composition.This was performed as the opening piece of the December 2016 show in the Prayas series presented by Smt Jayashree Acharya and her disciples. In this piece, invited artists Barun Banerjee, Kanchan Kanpal, Nandini Sharma and Sunny Sisodia are on stahe with Jayashreeji.

Join us for ‘Talaash-e-Haq’, Friday 4th August, IHC, New Delhi

Join us for an evening of outstanding Kathak, poetry in rhythm, join us as Smt Jayashree Acharya performs with her team of accomplished dancers- Kanchan Kandpal, Elisha Deep Garg, Nandini Sharma and Gauri Sharma- at Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
Accompanied by Shiv Shankar Ray on the tabla, Amitava Majumdar on Sarod and Sumit Misra’s vocals. Seating starts at 6:45 pm. See you there!

Jayashreeji and team at Khajuraho Dance Festival 2017

This is a dream platform for every classical dancer in India and this year, Jayashreeji was invited to perform on it. The week-long Khajuraho Dance Festival is organized by the Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad each year in Feburary against the backdrop of the spectacular architecture of the Khajuraho temples. Dance lovers from across India and from international destinations flock here each year for a treat of India’s diverse dance forms.

This year, Jayashreeji and her troupe, showcased a mix of technical and abhinaya- based compositions at Khajuraho, bringing the magi of Kucknow gharam to the prestigious festivals. Particularly, this was a fantastic opportunity for the young dancers in her troupe to be exposed to a much wider and knowledgeable audience.